Son of the Bride

Sunday 26th October 5:30 PM


One man is in the middle of a crisis of his own making; he has it all - a successful business, a wonderful lover, a beautiful daughter - yet, nothing is any fun. Another is calm, serene and so much in love; he has had it all - a successful business, a wonderful wife, a son - yet, there is a regret that prevents complete happiness.

How these two lives are reconciled is the subject of this touching, poignant film. The story gives us every emotion possible and leaves a warm glow but has enough dramatic punch to make this a highly satisfying film. The brilliant cast add that something special making Son Of The Bride a memorable, wonderful 'must see'.

Winner Montreal World Film Festival 2001 Special Grand Prize

Nominated, Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2002


“Puts you in a life that feels achingly real”

Washington Post