Annual General Meetings

We have moved our AGM from the start of the Autumn Season to the beginning of the new year. This is because we now have to have fully signed-off accounts and, by the time we have our last invoices in for the 2022-23 year, there is not time to complete the process until later in the autumn; leaving the AGM until the new year guarantees we will have time to do this.

The 2024 AGM took place on Sunday 18th February at 4.30pm at the Alhambra Cinema.

2024 AGM

Previous AGMS

  • 2024 - Covering the 2022-23 Seasons
  • 2022 - Covering the 2021-22 Seasons
  • 2021 - Covering the 2020-21 Seasons
  • 2020 - Covering the 2019-20 Seasons

Details of older AGMs can be found on the previous version of our website.