Keswick Film Club is a voluntarily-run, not-for-profit organisation.


Chair Vaughan Ames (07909 878018 9am to 7.30pm)
Vice Chair David Miller
Secretary Roger Gook
Treasurer Paul Titley
Membership Secretary Elspeth Payne
Festival Director Ian Payne


We have decided to trim the committee down and ask for volunteers for tasks that come along, some regularly (e.g meet and greet at the cinema before the film starts) some more ad hoc (the festival is the obvious example here). The weekly emails will include a new section - What Can I Do to Help? - which will have all the tasks we need help with in the next week or weeks. Please do volunteer when you can, even if just for one week; it might surprise you to find out how much fun it can be!

Web & Social Media Stephen Brown
Other Volunteers Angela Jackson
Ann Martin
Alan Naylor
Mike Newns
Stephen Pye
Tom Rennie


The Annual General Meeting of Keswick Film Club usually takes place at the start of the Autumn season of films in September.

This year’s AGM will be not be held until the start of the new year. This is because we now have to have fully signed-off accounts and, by the time we have our last invoices in for the 2022-23 year, there is not time to complete the process until later in the autumn; leaving the AGM until January guarantees we will have time to do this.

The 2022 AGM took place on Sunday 18th September at 4.30pm at the Alhambra Cinema.

Previous AGMs

Details of older AGMs can be found on the previous version of our website.