Our membership years runs from the start of each Autumn programme.

For £10 per year, you get:-

  • A reduction of £3.00 on all Club screenings (to £6.00)
  • £1 off Film Festival screenings
  • The option to buy Season passes - the autumn pass this year will get you into all 15 film for £80
  • £1 off Alhambra's own 'Friends' scheme
  • To attend Caldbeck Area Film Society and Brampton Film Club at members' rates and vice versa

How To Join or Renew

We have taken up the Keswick Alhambra's offer to host our Membership, you will be able to sign up to join the Keswick Film Club either in person or at any time on the Alhambra's website. In order to get member-priced tickets you will have to log in or give your name at the kiosk.

Membership of the Keswick Film Club is still just £10 per annum and entitles you to tickets for £6 rather than the standard £9, as well as a discount on Keswick Film Festival passes - unlike last year, we are no longer offering Alhambra Members the discounted price, so it really is only Keswick Film Club members that will get the discount.

Using the Alhambra's system does mean that your data (name, address, email address) will be shared with them as well as the Film Club. Of course many of you will also be Alhambra Cinema Members too - their new system has the facility to assign an individual with multiple memberships, which is why they've been able to offer us free use of their system for our membership, which ought to make life easier for you as well as us - we're very grateful.

The Keswick Film Club Privacy Policy has been updated along with the Alhambra's terms and conditions to reflect these changes and the use of the hosting software, Savoy Systems' Oscar.

If you have any questions about membership or payments please contact

Non-members are always welcome at our screenings.