2003 Festival Programme


Friday 14th 6:15 PM

Friday 14th 8:30 PM
The Piano

Saturday 15th 9:30 AM
Image from Free Talk: Grand Illusions
Free Talk: Grand Illusions

The Cinema of Nic Roeg by Neil Sinyard

Saturday 15th 10:45 AM
Eight Women

Saturday 15th 1:15 PM
Image from Short Film Programme
Short Film Programme

Saturday 15th 1:15 PM

Saturday 15th 3:30 PM
The Pledge

Saturday 15th 6:00 PM
Talk To Her

Saturday 15th 8:30 PM
Apocalypse Now Redux

Saturday 15th 8:30 PM

Sunday 16th 10:30 AM
Days of Heaven

Sunday 16th 10:30 AM

Sunday 16th 1:00 PM
Lone Star

Sunday 16th 1:00 PM

Sunday 16th 3:34 PM
The Man Who Fell To Earth

Sunday 16th 3:45 PM
Secret Ballot

Sunday 16th 7:00 PM
Image from Nic Roeg Interview
Nic Roeg Interview

In Conversation with Neil Sinyard

Sunday 16th 8:00 PM
Don't Look Now

Sunday 16th 8:30 PM
Nine Queens