Saturday 15th February 1:15 PM


Theresa Russell, Tony Curtis, Gary Busey.
Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Senator Joseph McCarthy (of the anti Communist witch-hunt) and baseball-hero Joe DiMaggio (Monroe's husband) meet in a New York hotel room in 1954. Nicolas Roeg's excellent version of Terry Johnson's satirical stage-play offers us an acting and writing tour de force, masterly dialogue and a most entertaining mix of topical issues: fame, vanity, communism versus democracy, world peace, jealousy, Freud, love, The Theory of Relativity, the physical appearance of the universe, the A-bomb, hatred, and freedom of speech.
Cannes 1985: Winner, Technical Grand Prix, Nominated for Palme d'Or


“Roeg mixes the various elements into a very volatile cocktail - sexy, outrageous, and compulsively watchable”

Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader