Secret Ballot

Sunday 16th February 3:45 PM


Nassim Abdi, Cyrus Abidi, Youssef Habashi.
The principles of democracy, the comedy of the absurd, and the road movie would seem not to have very much in common. However, these themes are all present in Babak Payami's beautifully photographed film about a bright, urban, educated young woman who arrives on a remote Iranian island to bring enlightenment and the chance to vote to a backward peasant population. They in turn have a thing or two to teach her - about human relationships and the nature of their vastly different existence. There is humour, but also dignity, in Payami's look at democracy Iranian-style.
Winner, 5 awards, nominated for Golden Lion: Venice Film Festival 2001
FIPRESCI Award, London Film Festival 2001


“Powerful...lyrical and subtly political”

Dave Calhoun, Dazed & Confused