The Pledge

Saturday 15th February 3:30 PM


Jack Nicholson, Patricia Clarkson, Beau Daniels, Benicio Del Toro.
Sean Penn comes of age as a director in one of last year's best US films. Jerry Black (Nicholson) is a retired homicide detective who just can't let the job go. When the brutal murder of a child is reported, Black swears he'll bring the killer to justice. Nicholson's subtle performance - described by Christopher Tookey in the Daily Mail as his King Lear - has light and shade, humour and profundity, although the abundance of cameo appearances is a little distracting. Part psychological thriller, part parable, part tragedy, The Pledge is the work of a major player in US cinema.
Nominated for Palme d'Or, Cannes 2001


“Nicholson's intense performance makes Penn's latest such compulsive viewing. Near perfection”

Total Film