Treasurer's Report 2021-2022

KFC year end is August 31, 2022

Funds held = £29,631.85, this is an increase of almost £3K compared with last year. The split in the increase is almost 50/50 between the Festival and 'KFC Sundays'.

The Festival brought in £2450 in grants and you can see that without the grants we are operating at roughly breakeven.

We have been carrying debts of £3k (approx.) for payments for films shown in 2020. We agreed that such debts when two years old would be scrubbed from the report. Only one film from 2021 is still outstanding. Despite debts being liable (in law) for 6 years I see no indication that these will ever be sent. Several reminders were sent to the film distributors.

The accounts will be checked by a volunteer (as usual) and the formal accounts prepared by Frances at Keswick Accountants (as usual). After approval by the Trustees, they will be submitted to the Charities Commission as KFC is now a CIO - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This means (amongst other things) that we do not have to provide a duplicate submission to Companies House.

Ticket prices for the new season have been amended to be generous to members (£5), kind to Friends of the Alhambra (£6) and commercial to everyone else (£9). Membership has been kept at £10 / year. A banner displaying these prices has been sourced to help avoid confusion with regular Alhambra prices at 'KFC Sunday' screenings.

Our KFC Sunday screenings had an average of 66 seats sold.

  • 2020 - 2021 = 51 seats
  • 2019 - 2020 = 120 seats

Alhambra has not raised its venue hire price in all that time and halved it during the 20/21 season. We must expect the current hiatus in energy costs and the rate of inflation to take a bite our of our funds but we are in good shape for the next year and beyond.

Note: The 3K debt and 3k surplus are not the same 3k. The 3k surplus is real cash. The 3k debt would be taken from the funds held if the invoices were ever presented.

Paul Titley
Sept 5 2022

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