Sunday 2nd March 11:00 AM - Alhambra
Director:Michael Curtiz
Cert:U Year: 1942 Length:102mins
Chosen ahead of Citizen Kane to represent the '40s. Why? Many would argue quite simply because this is the better film. If you think you have seen it all by watching it on television do yourself a favour and come to see the true magical spectacle that is Casablanca.


“Even hardened cynics who might be impelled to dismiss it as a collection of button-pushing cliches will most likely get swept up in the all the unabashed romance.”

David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“Whether you return to Casablanca for a nostalgia fix, a guilty pleasure or for the waters, you can be certain there'll be something you didn't notice last time out.”

Neil Smith, Total Film

“More memorable dialogue than should be strictly legal, heartbreaking performances from the two leads and a plot that works with Swiss-watch precision.”

David Gritten, Daily Telegraph




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