The African Queen

Sunday 17th February 10:30 AM - Alhambra
The African Queen
Director:John Huston
Cert:U Year: 1951 Length:103mins
Country:UK/USA Language:English/Swahili/German
Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Morley, Peter Bull.
Photographed by Jack (The Red Shoes) Cardiff, this beloved WWII classic sees Bogart's gin-swinging river trader and Hepburn's prim missionary escaping the Germans down the Ulonga-Bora river in East Africa. He wants to lay low till it's all over. She wants to take on a 100-ton German steamer. Negotiating obstacles both physical and psychological, they gradually develop a hard-earned love and respect for each other. Funny, romantic and exciting, it's pure golden age Hollywood escapism.
1952 Oscars
Winner Best Actor - Humphrey Bogart
Nominated Best Actress - Katherine Hepburn
Nominated Best Director - John Huston
Nominated Best Screenplay - John Huston, James Agee


“This is a film where pretty much everyone is serving aces, from Jack Cardiff's sumptuous photography, to James Agee's screenplay”

Chris Hewitt, Empire


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