Captains of the Clouds

Friday 17th February 6:00 PM - Studio (TBTL)
Captains of the Clouds
Director:Michael Curtiz
Cert:U Year: 1942 Length:114mins
Directed by Michael Curtiz this was James Cagney's first color film, an aviation tale that was Oscar nominated for Cinematography and Interior Decoration.

James Cagney plays an independent, brash Canadian bush pilot who, inspired by Churchill's Dunkirk speech attempts service in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II but cannot bend to military ways. Soon, however, he proves his ability as a civilian.

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“Although Cagney is much better than his thankless role, the real heroes of Captains are director Michael Curtiz and his five cameramen, who caught the matchless greens and browns of Canada‚Äôs infinite north-country.”





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