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This film might have been made to help us end the season with a big bang!

What makes genius? Is it in the genes or is it hard work? Terence Fletcher is a jazz band conductor who wanders the halls of the Conservatory where he works looking for the core talent he can hammer into shape; and hammer is the right word. He conducts music with his fist, accepting no compromise, expecting only surrender to his methods - 'There are no two words in the English Language more harmful than... 'Good Job''.

Andrew is a young music student who wants to become not just good, but one of the world greats. He is prepared to practice his drumming till he literally bleeds, and won't let such trifles as love hold him back; he and Fletcher are made for each other, but can they work together?

The film was shot at speed (an incredible 19 days) and with speed - even the conversation has a staccato beat. Writer/director Damien Chazelle is only 29, this is already his second film and he is already winning awards at festivals - 'Whiplash' won both audience and jury prizes at Sundance.

Both actors had previous music training (which MUST have been useful!) and their acting comes in for high praise: J K Simmons - who plays Fletcher - (one of those actors who is in everything, but remains unknown - he is credited with 144 roles on IMDb, including 'Spiderman' and, for tv followers like me, 'The Closer') finally makes his mark in this role, as does Miles Teller who plays Andrew; 'Simmons gives an indelible, Oscar-worthy performance here, yet he's matched in every step by Teller' - Robbie Collin, Telegraph - who goes on to say 'However genius may flourish, you know it when you see it and 'Whiplash' is it' . Watch any of the trailers available on the internet and we think you might agree. As Peter Howell puts it in the Toronto Star 'Quite simply, 'Whiplash' is one of the year's best films'. What a way for us to end!


“Smart, funny, and electrifying in its storytelling. Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons are nothing short of magical.”

Mike Mcgranaghan, Aisle Seat




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