Human Capital

Sunday 22nd March 5:00 PM


A hit and run accident is the start and end of this story of two families from different social backgrounds who are linked by greed, ambition and lust. The story is told and retold from the perspective of various characters, giving us a different view each time - 'Looking at an unfolding accident from several distinct perspectives, the twisty narrative charts the complex interactions between a wealthy banking dynasty, a cashstrapped, middle-class family, a troubled young man and an unhappy troupe of warring artistes, all of whose fortunes are variously intertwined by unwise investments – both personal and financial' - Mark Kermode, Observer.

Paolo Virzi has taken the story from Stephen Amidon's novel and created 'a shrewd portrait of a rapacious, unhappy society' - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian - which has become Italy's entry for the 2015 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.


“Not just a chic thriller, but an engrossing study of Italian society and a downward-spiralling economy.”

Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

“Superbly played, designed and photographed, this is a worthy companion to Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty.”

David Parkinson, Radio Times




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