Sunday 30th March 5:00 PM


We have a problem saying anything about this film, mainly because we don't want to spoil your viewing of "Marius" at the start of the season. So - SPOILER ALERT - don't read this until after you have seen "Marius"!

Marius has run away to sea, not realising that he has left Fanny pregnant. Left in the dishonourable position of being an unmarried mother and with no means of supporting the child, she is falling for the wooing of the older Panisse. Should she marry him, or hope for the return of Marius, the man she loves? Once again, Auteuil manages to mix drama and comedy to great effect. We will have to wait at least until the end of the summer to see what happens in the final part of the trilogy, "C├ęsar". Enjoy your summer!



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