Chile '76

Saturday 25th February 11:00 AM


In Chile in the winter of 1976, Carmen heads off to her beach house to supervise its renovation. Her husband, children and grandchildren come back and forth during the winter vacation. When the family priest asks her to take care of a young man he is sheltering in secret, Carmen steps onto unexplored territories, away from the quiet life she is used to. This feature debut by Manuela Martelli explores one woman's struggle with misogyny and corruption under Pinochet's rule.

Thanks to Verve Pictures


“Chile 76 pays powerful homage to this crucial period in Chile’s history. Martelli’s sure-handed direction makes impressive use of vibrant visuals, evocative sound design, and a meticulously detailed setting.”

Peg Aloi Artes Fuse

“An edge-of-your-seat thriller that flawlessly captures the look and feel of its setting while maintaining taut suspense throughout.”

Andrew Murray



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