Friday 24th February 9:00 PM


Richie Bravo is a once-famous singer who returns from Italy to his Austrian home after the death of his mother. Here he has to pick up with his brother Ewald, his father who has dementia and doesn't realise that his wife is dead, and his alienated adult daughter Tessa, who demands money from him for abandoning her years before. The character of Richie was written for actor Michael Thomas following his impromptu singing of a Sinatra song on a previous shoot. Directed by Ulrich Seidl, Rimini won the Best Feature Film prize at the 2022 Diagonale.

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“Wretchedness, sadness and confrontational grotesquerie once again come together in a movie by Ulrich Seidl”


“What gives Rimini its unifying comic vigour and pathos is the central performance by Michael Thomas...”

Jonathan Romney



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