Autumn 2015 Programme


Sunday 13th 5:00 PM
A Royal Night Out

Princess Elizabeth joins the VE Day parties

Sunday 20th 5:00 PM
White God

Dogs revolt and fight for their freedom

Sunday 27th 5:00 PM

How far can a son push his mother before she breaks?

Tuesday 29th 5:30 PM
The Third Man

Tuesday Classics: Orson Welles plays Harry Lime; is he dead or alive?


Sunday 4th 5:00 PM
Black Coal, Thin Ice

Beautiful Chinese mystery murder

Sunday 11th 3:00 PM
Slow West

UK Directors Day (2 for 1): An English-made Western with a Scots hero

Sunday 11th 5:00 PM
45 Years

UK Directors Day (2 for 1): Memories of a long-dead lover disturb the peace

Sunday 18th 5:00 PM
Wild Tales

Revenge is sweet... 6 times over.

Sunday 25th 5:00 PM

Life under the Jihadists in Timbuktu

Tuesday 27th 5:30 PM
On The Waterfront

Tuesday Classics: Marlon Brando takes on the corrupt union bosses


Sunday 1st 5:00 PM

Young taxi driver tries to survive with his alcoholic Mum

Sunday 8th 5:00 PM
Mia Madre

A dying mother is the last straw for film director

Sunday 15th 5:00 PM
The Salt Of The Earth

Rheged: Wim Wenders' homage to a great photographer

Sunday 22nd 5:00 PM

A young Bedouin boy fighting the Ottoman empire

Tuesday 24th 5:30 PM
Rebel Without A Cause

Tuesday Classics: James Dean in love but with no way out

Sunday 29th 5:00 PM
The Lobster

The race to find a new lover...or become an animal!


Sunday 6th 5:00 PM

A Jewish woman pretends to be...herself

Sunday 13th 3:00 PM
Home From Home: Chronicle of a Vision

A young boy dreams of a new home in Brazil

Sunday 20th 4:15 PM

A fast-paced, drug-trade thriller