Three Hours

Sunday 5th October 5:00 PM


One of our guiding principles when choosing films is to try to bring you films from all round the world, so it came as a bit of a shock when we realised how few German films we show- the last one was 3 years ago ('Pina'). With the help (and prodding…) of a new member - who read and translated the German reviews - we have found 'Three Hours'; it was not scheduled to be released in the UK so we couldn't find English reviews.

We also break with another 'tradition'; it is a 'Rom-com'! Perhaps understandably given their often mainstream if not blockbuster nature, these are seldom given much time in our programmes. With 'Three Hours' we bring you young German director Boris Kunz's off-the-wall debut feature film which pays no heed to the traditional genre plot patterns of 'finding, separating, longing'.

Set in a sunny Munich, 'Three Hours' instead 'portrays a generation in a gorgeous manner' – - with the fresh love story of two old friends, an ecology activist, Isabel (highly-rated Claudia Eisinger) and poet Martin, both in their thirties.

In an oft-called-upon rom-com scenario, as Isabel is about to embark on a three year mission against genetic modification in Africa, Martin confesses his love for his old friend at the departure desk. It is at this point, however, where the clichés end as Kunz delivers a comedy which, as well as capturing the ethos of contemporary life and love in Germany in a very realistic manner, also offers us fairy tale scenes such as the main characters having a casual beer with God (you are going to have to see it to understand!).

Hopefully this begins to fill the German gap in our repertoire of films. Do let us know if you have spotted other under-represented countries.




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