Papadopoulos And Sons

Sunday 12th January 5:00 PM


Are you one of the many people who tell us we should have more comedy in our programmes? Well, this season is for you.

Stephen Dillane stars as Harry Papadopoulos; a self-made millionaire who has turned a small fish and chip shop into a major international corporation (as you do). All is going well, until he misses the significance of the financial crisis (as many others did). Before he can say "mushy peas", his empire is crashing and he is left with nothing...but a decaying old shop he co-owns with his brother.

There is only one way to get money - persuade his brother to sell - but his brother has other ideas; "let's re-open the shop together!"

What follows is not going to surprise you too much, but should make you laugh. The cast get good reviews all round, especially the two brothers, Harry and Spiros (Stephen Dillane and Georges Corraface). The finance industry gets a good kicking, while the family dynamics (yes, there are sons!) keeps the humour going well. We also get a Greek-Turkish backdrop when the son of a rival kebab shop takes a fancy to Harry's daughter.

This is a first film by director Marcus Markou, who also wrote the screenplay. Our club member who saw it recommended it so we hope you enjoy a laugh for once. Normal service resumes next week!

Anyone fancy fish & chips?


“The surprise niche hit of the year”

Sight And Sound

“A fresh, funny and poignant snapshot of ethnic life in London”

Radio Times




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