The Pope's Toilet

Sunday 12th February 5:00 PM


Possibly a new theme for Keswick—'the One that Got Away'. We found this one by chance; maybe there are others out there? This was Uruguay's submission for Oscar consideration in 2008. Based on an actual 1988 visit to Uruguay by Pope John Paul, this bitter but affable social comedy imagines the impact of a papal visit upon one small village. The film's protagonist is Beto, an all too human (and occasionally despicable) father and husband who supports his family by smuggling sundries across the Brazilian border on his broken down bicycle. While his neighbours hatch plans to sell gastric sustenance to the anticipated holy hordes, Beto hopes to profit by building an outhouse for the Pope. Will they be rewarded for pinning their economic hopes upon God's representative on earth? The answer becomes the piquant point of the story. This is a first film for co-director Charlone, who is best known for his work as cinematographer on such films as 'City of God' and 'Stranded: I've Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains’.


“It's charming in a proper way, entirely avoiding sentiment and can be counted one of the best films in town.”

Derek Malcolm This Is London




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