Sunday 29th January 5:00 PM


Much of the poetry has gone out of Mija‘s life; she lives in the sticks, getting by on a nurse‘s wage, looking after a man who has had a stroke and her teenage grandson whose mother has moved to the big city. To make matters worse, she discovers she has early Alzheimer‘s disease. Finding words failing her, she decides to enrol in a poetry course. Like most new poets, she realises that poetry does not just happen and starts to wander around the countryside looking for inspiration.

This in itself might have made a good start to a movie, but director Chang-Dong Lee adds another element to her already complicated life that brings real tragedy close to her door...

Coming out to rave reviews from all critics, this looks to be ....poetry in motion!


“She is making sense of her life: that is the "poetry" which is taking place, minute by minute, scene by scene”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“What a wonderful film is Lee Chang-Dong's Poetry”

Sukhdev Sandhu, Telegraph

“In the way of good cinema, the full experience is en-tirely unsentimental and poetic”

Derek Malcolm, Standard

“A fascinating, satisfying film with a remarkable central performance.”

Philip French, The Observer



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