The Princess of Montpensier

Sunday 11th December 5:00 PM


‘A young noblewoman is torn between passion, duty, companionship and ambition, each quality personified by a different man’ - Variety. Tavernier continues his masterful direction of films with this adaption of Madame de Lafayette’s 1622 novella. In a 16th century France dominated by Catholic and Protestant battles, we meet Marie de Mezieres (Melanie Thierry), who is soon forced to become the Princess of the title against her will; she is already in love with a Duke. Her new husband soon rushes off to war, leaving her in the hands of an ageing Count. Tavernier then follows the Princess through the conflicts of a woman with no rights to decide for herself but trying to get the best of all options.


“Moving and thought-provoking, this has something for all, but especially for those who like to believe that films can be as boldly intelligent as they are entertaining”

Los Angeles Times




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