The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec

Sunday 11th September 5:00 PM


After some criticsm that last year’s films tended to be a bit ‘dark’, we open our new season with a light-hearted comedy adventure romp, a ‘mix of Amelie and Indiana Jones’ – Empire. Famed big -budget French director Luc Besson (‘The Fifth Element’) has adapted the story from two Jacques Tardi comic books and proves ,once again, ‘anything Hollywood can do, he can do with buckets more visual flair’ – Time Out. Picture ‘les bons temps’ in Paris, 1911, where Adele’s sister lies near to death after an accident. Tomb raiders in Egypt bring back Mummies - speaking French of course! - and a pterodactyl egg, which is brought to life...naturally. Our unflappable heroine Adele tries to resolve it all, whilst evading her arch nemesis Dieuleveult – Mathieu Almeric well disguised (after his recent ‘On Tour’, who can blame him?).

Come along and enjoy yourself; our season is but young and there is time for darker nights to come...




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