Sin Nombre

Sunday 7th February 5:00 PM


Winner of the New Director’s Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and Cinematography and Director Awards at Sundance 2009, Fukunaga’s debut feature is a riveting film that weaves together two heart-wrenching, gritty stories, creating an evocative tale of immigrants leaving South America for a better life in the States. Vivid, unforgettable storytelling grounding you in reality and offering hope, it’s the beautifully and realistically photographed story of Casper, a former teenage gang member on the run from his former gangmates, and Honduran teenager Sayra, who’s dreaming of being reunited with her father in a better life in America, as they ride the railways north. Almost universally acknowledged as one of the best films of 2009.


“Will linger in the mind long after its devastating conclusion. You leave the cinema breathless and disquieted but also with a sense of having had something important revealed to you. In a very strong field, this is the year's best film so far.”

Andrew O’hagan, This Is London