The Third Man

Tuesday 22nd February 6:00 PM


Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard.
'This is a full-blooded, absorbing story adapted from the book by Graham Greene, which reflects credit on all concerned.
The locale is postwar Vienna, which is controlled by the combined military force of the four occupying powers, and revolves around the black market and all its unsavoury ramifications. Holly Martins, a young American writer, arrives to join his friend, Harry Lime, who has promised him a job. He just gets to him in time to attend his funeral, following a street accident. Suspicious of conflicting evidence and with a strong hunch that Harry was murdered, Holly decides to unravel the mystery despite a warning to lay off by a British major who discloses the real nature of his friend's activities.' Variety


“Once again, Graham Greene's The Third Man is revived on the big screen. As always, it's unmissable...a great film”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian