Sunday 25th November 4:30 PM


Scripted by Ingmar Bergman, directed by his erstwhile leading lady (and lover) Liv Ullman: who better to portray the anguish, cruelty and guilt of an extramarital affair? Veering between her orchestra-conductor husband and film-director friend (an echo of Bergman's past), Marianne, superbly played by Lena Endre, threatens everyone, including, harrowingly, her young daughter.


“Ullmann and Bergman's "Faithless" is a glorious coda to one of world cinema's greatest collaborations.”

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“A mesmerizing deconstruction of the brute nature of  love”

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The kind of picture that many of us, at our moral best, most want to see...You'll not see a better acted movie this year”

Philip French, Observer.