True North

Sunday 20th January 5:00 PM


A film that sounds like a derivative thriller - a crew of fishermen facing bankruptcy decide to smuggle Chinese immigrants from mainland Europe to Scotland- could easily have traded on clichés for its effects but writer/director Steve Hudson creates an altogether more complex portrait of what essentially decent people will do in desperate circumstances.

The fishermen, played by a top-rate cast that includes Ken Loach stalwarts Peter Mullan, Gary Lewis and Martin Compston star in this low key but powerful drama which puts a human face onto human trafficking.


“Compston (for once downgrading his usually impenetrable Glasgow accent) makes a strong, believable lead and Mullan is superb as the wisecracking crewman”

Matthew Turner, VIEWLONDON

“At the helm, British writer/director Steve Hudson presents this morality tale in eloquently stark style.”