Sunday 12th February 5:00 PM


Made 'for the price of a used car' as writer/director/editor/actor Carruth puts it, Primer is a good example of how far a micro budget but mega ambition can get you.

Abe and Aaron are white collar engineers by day but sweat over their own inventions by night in the hopes of striking it big. When they do, its not in the way they intended and maybe the 'device' is more than they can cope with. The low key deadpan style makes old science fiction clich├ęs seem fresh again and a layered and offhand approach to dialogue and plot information obscures what's happening rather than laying everything out like a Hollywood no-brainer. A treat.

GRAND JURY PRIZE - Sundance Film Festival 2004


“this film imagines its viewer to be smart, possessed of a decent attention span and game for a challenge”

Jessica Winter, Time Out