The Spirit of the Beehive

Sunday 1st February 5:30 PM


Rural Spain 1940: Victor Erice's extraordinary debut film is the haunting portrait of an introverted child (Ana Torrent is unforgettable) who sees James Whale�s 1931 classic, Frankenstein. Fascinated, and encouraged by her sister, she searches the woods for the monster, becoming immersed in a mysterious, poetic, imaginary world. A poignant exploration of the fragile innocence of childhood, The Spirit of the Beehive is Spanish cinema at its very best. While references to fascism and politics are mainly allegorical - Franco still ruled in 1973 - it captures the frustration, fears and uncertainty within the family in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Golden Seashell (Erice) - San Sebastián International Film Festival 1973


“It is one of the most beautiful and arresting films ever made in Spain, or anywhere in the past 25 years or so”

Derek Malcolm