Sunday 26th November 5:00 PM


"Tomas (the outstanding Franz Rogowski) has just finished his latest film. At the wrap party he complains to a man at the bar that no one wants to dance with him. The random woman next to him overhears and offers. This is Agathe (the incredible Adèle Excharopoulos) …Tomas grins and meets Agathe on the floor. As they dance, the man with whom Tomas was talking makes his goodbyes; we realize he is Tomas's husband, the English Martin (a superb Ben Whishaw). Between Agathe and Tomas, one thing shortly leads to another. But when someone is as careless in their personal life as Tomas is, no path is ever straightforward" - Sarah Man vel, Critic's Notebook. "A love triangle unfolds in 'Passages,' a sexy, European drama. Most viewers…will be entranced by this wicked study of a man who uses people in his life like the actors on his set, ordering them around until he gets what he needs from them" - Brian Tallerico,


“Rogowski, Whishaw and Exarchopoulos are all black-belt performers and they bring this film to vivid and sensual life.”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“A briskly-moving, turbulent, emphatically sexy, deliberately exasperating love triangle.”

Glenn Kenny,



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