Pretty Red Dress

Sunday 12th November 6:00 PM
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So who wants to see a film starring Alexandra Burke, singing Tina Turner songs? Not you? Well, think again! "'Pretty Red Dress' is a debut feature starring a one-time X Factor winner so, you know, kill me now. But it's a thin week and I'll cut it some slack and be kind, like it says on the T-shirts. That was my thinking, because, as is now obvious, I can be a patronising fool. This is a terrific film. It's original, has heft, is magnificently performed, and it blew me away" - Deborah Ross, The Spectator.

Convinced yet? Well if I go on to say it also stars another magnificent newcomer - Natey Jones - playing the tough, just-released from-prison, South London drug dealer, who just happens to have a thing for wearing women's dresses, and that their teenage daughter, Kenisha (played by Temilola Olatunbosun, also to great reviews) has problems of her own, you might begin to see that this could be a film well worth your time.

The film is written and directed by relative newcomer Dionne Edwards who was named as one of Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow in 2019 ; one to look out for? "Edwards's film plays a lot with stereotypical conventions surrounding gender expectations. It's a bold commentary on the many roles we play to fit in with society whilst learning to be comfortable in our own skin. Both Jones and Burke give stellar performances. Jones' tormented portrayal contrasts beautifully with Burke's strong-willed Candice, who yearns to escape her low paid job for a glimmer of stardom. As secrets unravel, their emotional conflict translates into a fascinating look into dominance and vulnerability" - Kelechi Ehenulo, Empire.

As Tina Turner herself might well have said, "You're simply the best"...


“Both playful and defiant, swept along on a tide of toe-tapping tunes that tug at the heartstrings, yet unafraid to face up to complex personal issues while still maintaining its solidly mainstream appeal.”

Mark Kermode, Observer

“Examines its subject matter with great heart and passion.”

David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“An intensely likable film with a trio of great performances.”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian



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