What Do We See When We Look At The Sky

Saturday 25th February 2:00 PM


What Do We See is picking up a lot of traction on social media and is a proper 'festival film!'

In the Georgian riverside town of Kutaisi, summertime romance and World Cup fever are in the air. After a pair of chance encounters, pharmacist Lisa and soccer player Giorgi find their plans for a date undone when they both awaken magically transformed - with no way to recognize each other.

Thanks to Verve Pictures


“The most entrancingly feel-good movie of the year, which urges you tell anyone who'd listen about its wondrous existence so they can bask in its soul-soothing magic too.”

La Times

“What Do We See When We Look at the Sky? is a true magic act, intimate and massive at the same time.”

Barry Hertz



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