Anaïs In Love

Sunday 25th September 5:00 PM


Girl leaves boy, meets boy, falls in love with...his wife. That is the only thing that is 'simple' about the life of Anaïs, who flits from one drama to the next... but can you resist her appeal?

"Anaïs spends half the movie racing at breakneck speed down sidewalks, up stairs, across fields, down hallways, into and out of elevators, always half an hour late for everything (and sometimes she doesn't show up at all). She barely apologizes for keeping people waiting. She just breezes through, chattering non-stop. No one can get a word in... Anaïs is so confident about her 'charms' that other people's obvious displeasure don't seem to bother her. She talks her way out of everything." - Sheila O’Malley,

Both the lead actor, Anaïs Demoustier, and the director, Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, get great reviews: "While Anaïs is a charismatic energy source, and Demoustier's fizzy, swirling portrayal as wonderfully in the moment as it can be, the filmmaker's astute treatment of Emilie — the beguiled target who knows how to re-shift the molecules in the air — is what ultimately, intelligently crystallizes the themes of seduction, pleasure and what's too often untapped about female power. It's easy to see what’s Rohmer-ian in the basic architecture of 'Anaïs in Love', yet there's no denying this is a narrative whose wisdom and nonjudgmental perspective on life, love and learning is a woman's. May we get many more tales of zestful turbulence from Bourgeois-Tacquet, a storyteller to watch" – Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times.


“Set to be a sure-fire comfort hit for many generations to come.”

Jasmine Valentine, Little White Lies

“Sums up everything we love about Le Cinéma Français: idealised but pragmatic, witty but razor-sharp, playful but realistic.”

Ben Turner, The Pink Lens




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