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Sunday 19th December 5:00 PM


Wine is now the most drunk alcohol in the UK (official); it is Christmas when we might all be tempted to have a drop more; and in this season of good will, we thought a 'feel good' comedy about wine-making would be just what we needed to finish off our season!

Jo Pantoliano, better known for his tough guy roles gets to lead here as Marco, the CEO of a Canadian company.

"At the beginning of the movie Marco impulsively quits his job, taking the moral high ground on an ethical issue with his Canadian company's board. He books a ticket to Italy, where he left aged six for a better life in the US – though, of course, the lesson coming his way is that what a better life actually entails is the simple pleasure of sitting under a tree peeling an orange with a penknife while wearing a handkerchief as a makeshift hat" – Cath Clarke, Guardian.

Once in Italy, knowing nothing about wine-making, he decides, of course, to try to re-open the vineyard he inherited from his grandfather. This being a feelgood movie, I will only give you one guess how that goes!

Sean Cisterna has directed a number of films, but none have really been seen much outside of his Canadian homeland. This was made pre-covid and has become a hit on the festival circuit. Don't think too much about it, just sit back and enjoy the good times!


“ This is a warm movie with a big heart, exploring enormously important issues in a way that's never remotely pushy or preachy.”

Rich Cline, Shadows On The Wall




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