Sunday 25th October 5:00 PM


This one is for those of you who want to enjoy a good story, have a laugh and come away feeling good; meet Anne and Guilliame. Anne is "a professional nose – someone whose sense of smell is so precise they are sought after for everything from perfume creation (at least, she used to be) to corporate jobs disguising the horrible smell seeping from a factory into a nearby village" - Jamie East, Sun. Guilliame is a chauffeur, "striving to make enough money to upgrade to a better apartment so he can have his tween-aged daughter stay overnight. Guillaume can't afford to lose his job, as it is already hanging by a thread due to his having earned several points on his licence for speeding" – Leslie Felperin, Guardian. He gets the job of ferrying Anne between jobs...but she is not easy to work for.

"There's no doubt we've been here before, as initial friction between Guilliame and Anne begins to shift, her coolness warming in the face of his refusal to simply back down to her demands. Magne [the director] isn't looking for the usual commentary on class or 'opposites', however, instead taking his lead from his perfumes theme to consider how personalities can mix to produce a more interesting result than each would achieve on their own. Guillaume is certainly helping Anne to loosen up and notice the world around her more but she is also offering him a sounding board and, gradually, an opportunity to think about his world and what he is offering his daughter differently" – Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film.

A French 'rom-com'...but will there even be love at all? To quote from The Sun for the second time in one review (surely a first!) "When Harry Met Sally for people old enough to know better". Sit back and enjoy the ride.


“ Gregory Magne's French comedy-drama is quietly delightful.”

Ed Potton, Times

“It's an enjoyable, warm watch.”

Alexa Dalby, Dog And Wolf



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