The Third Wife

Sunday 8th March 5:00 PM


Members' Choice

A very beautiful film about a forbidden topic; a young girl, May, taken as Hung's third wife, after Ha and Xuan, finds herself having to compete to exist.

"In May and in Ha and Xuan, there are all the women and girls of the past who've been ignored, abused, forced into competition with one another, made to endure a degradation of spirit and a commodification of body so complete it should have resulted in their annihilation... But with 'The Third Wife' new talent Mayfair reclaims just a few of those silvery strands from the neglect of history and weaves them into a film so sensuous we can lose ourselves in it, but so vividly real we might also be able to find ourselves there" - Jessica Kiang, Variety.


“What we have here is a small, delicate mini-masterpiece, and bright new talent behind the camera.”

G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle



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