Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Sunday 1st March 5:00 PM


Winner of the Best Screenplay and Queer Palm at Cannes, this sumptuous film is set at the end of the 18th century with the rugged coast of Brittany as a constant backdrop.

Marianne is an artist commissioned to paint a portrait of a reluctant Lady Héloïse – a portrait that is to be sent to a potential husband in Venice.

As the artist observes her model the glances between the two women become more and more meaningful.

Thanks to Curzon


“It is so very easy to label a film incendiary, but Portrait of a Lady on Fire deserves the scalding honour. It will ignite every flame you might have.”

Globe And Mail

“ Films this exquisite are rare and we should appreciate the treasure of seeing a film with cinematography such as this on a big screen.”

Fiona Underhill, Filmotomy

“Her transfixing film, about the heady experience of an impossible first love, is a timeless work of art”

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone




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