Pain and Glory

Sunday 13th October 5:00 PM


Members' Choice

Just about every critic has this down as the best film Almodóvar has done for some time and, as we like his films here in Keswick, this should be a treat for us.

Antonio Banderas plays Salvador Mallo (plays Almodóvar: this is semi-autobiographical), an ageing director who has not made a film in a while. We follow his suffering and memories through this 'achingly beautiful' film.


“Almodóvar's colors...aren't just a stimulant but an energy source, like sugar: they get the eyes busy and keep them working, in turn heating up the brain's furnace. And before long, the heart starts pumping harder as well. Everything about 'Pain and Glory' is awake and alive, and Almodóvar's nerve endings become ours, too”

Stephanie Zacharek, Time

“A lovely, tender work of art that finds beauty in personal pain.”

Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm

“A deeply personal and very moving film, anchored by the best work of Antonio Banderas' career.”

Brian Tallerico,




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