AGM 2020 Minutes

28th September 2020, starting at 7.00pm via Zoom

Present: Vaughan Ames, Roger Gook, Ian Payne, Paul Titley, Tom Rennie, Sylvia Rennie, Tony Marsh, Leela Marsh, Carolyn Davis, Mike Newns , Pam Newns, Stephen Brown, Robert Royall, Pat Royall, Elspeth Payne , Nicki Baker, Valerie Hallard, Marie Pierre Gaudez, Sarah Skelton, Steve Skelton, Benita Lapthorn, Ray Milner

1. Apologies: Alan Naylor

2. Minutes of AGM 2019 (PDF) – passed as a true record

3. Chair's Report – distributed on line (PDF). A vote of thanks was passed for the work on the website by Stephen Brown.

4. Treasurer's Report – distributed on line (PDF). The treasurer added that the surplus for the year was astonishing and has provided a buffer for the expected loss this year. On current projections the best outcome might be a loss of £2000, but could be £6000 at worst.

5. Festival Report (PDF) – distibuted on line. The director added that the possibility of a Festival next year is low as the reduced capacity would not enable costs to be covered. A decision would be made in December, with the possibility of a later date. Thanks were given to Ian Payne as Director and to Stephen Brown for his valuable work on social media.

6. Election of Officers - The following were elected unapposed:

  • Chair: Vaughan Ames
  • Vice Chair: David Miller
  • Treasurer: Paul Titley
  • Secretary: Roger Gook
  • Membership Secretary: Elspeth Payne
  • Festival Co-ordinator:Ian Payne
  • Webmaster:Stephen Brown

7. Election of Committee/Trustees - The following were elected unapposed: Angela Jackson, Tom Rennie, Stephen Pye, Ann Martin, Mike Newns, Alan Naylor, Nicki Baker

8. Any Other Business:

  • It was agreed not to join the Amazon Smile scheme.
  • It was agreed that the Discussion Group would try meeting via Zoom.
  • Thanks were given to the Alhambra for its positive actions in keeping the cinema running – and for its re-decoration.
  • The documents are available on the Keswick Film Club website

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